Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Mama's Milk, a children's book about Breastfeeding.

My Mama's Milk

"My Mama's Milk" is here! I'm so proud of this book and I especially love how my husband, Edward Yniguez illustrated my words! This book was truly a labor of love! After writing it, it took us awhile to complete the illustrations, because we wanted them to reflect many different nursing relationships.

My Mama's Milk highlights the mother and child breastfeeding relationship and explores how each mammal makes milk specifically for their babies. As a breastfeeding Mama of color, it's important that my children have images and stories that reflect their life. As a vegan mama, it was also important for me to highlight other mammals nursing their young.

The book is available on Amazon and I'll have copies with me after my talk at the Herbivore Festival on Oct 2nd. I'll also have copies of "Where Does Dinner Come From?"
Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Green Festival Los Angeles, Sep 16th-18th 2016

We had a blast this year at the Green Festival! It was jam packed with activities, speakers and presentations. I went on my own on Friday and then brought the littles with me for Day 2. Check out the video to see how our 2 days at Green Fest went!

Thank You Green Fest for a fun filled 2 days and we'll see you next year!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Yummy Earth Organics

yum earth

Organic Lollipops and Fruit Snacks, what's not to love!

Yummy Earth were the first lollipop that my children had. Around Halloween time a couple of years ago, I started looking into healthier vegan treats for them. I found these and was happy with the ingredients. All the goodies from Yummy Earth are vegan except the Gummy Bears and Gummy Worms.

yum earth

Yummy Earth uses All Natural Flavors with No High Fructose Corn Syrup and No Artificial Dyes. A couple of weeks ago, we were out of town visiting family and the kids were having rock candy lollipops. My littles didn't miss out, because I pulled these Yum Earth lollipops out of my bag and let them choose one. With all the fun flavors, the other kids wanted to try them too!

yum earth

We recently tried the Fruit Snacks and the kids loved them! They come in perfect little pouches for a fun treat while out. I keep a couple of bags of the fruit snacks and the lollipops in my back pack for our Amusement Park outings. They are especially great for play dates and party favors!

yum earth
yum earth

You can order Yummy Earth Organics online or find them locally at stores such as Whole Foods and Walgreens. Click here link to find a store near you!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Green Festival Los Angeles, Sep 16th-18th

green festival los angeles

We can't wait for Green Festival Los Angeles this year! We'll be there from Sep 16th through the 18th scoping out green vegan home and beauty product and of course yummy vegan eats! Use Code NAHBE16 for 50% OFF tickets Here!

green festival

If you can't make Los Angeles Green Fest, there are more cities and dates in 2016:
San Francisco, Nov 11-13th
Portland, Dec 9-11th

green festival
"Green Festivals, a vegan/vegetarian event and longest running and largest sustainability-focused expo is ready to celebrate LA as one of the friendliest vegan cities in the nation!  This year our primary goal has been to help our attendees gain the tools they need to personally help mitigate climate change, which is why we have partnered with A.U.M Films/Cowspiracy for all cities in 2016.  On Friday September 16th we will be screening Cowspiracy followed by a Q and A from Co-Director Kip Andersen.  Donations for the screening will go back to helping the efforts of American Wild Horse Preservation and Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.  Factory Farming Awareness Coalition will also be joining LA in a presentation as well as John Lewis from Bad Ass Vegan; Ed Begley Jr., veteran vegan of 22 years will speak, Spork Foods will show us how easy it is to make great vegan cuisine.  Praised film Speciesism will make its debut on the Green Festivals circuit followed by a talk from Director Mark Devries.  Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine and Holistic Holiday at Sea will be onsite and internationally acclaimed musician Moby will address the audience with a testament to the plant based lifestyle."  

For more information, visit!


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