Thursday, August 25, 2016

Green Festival Los Angeles, Sep 16th-18th

green festival los angeles

We can't wait for Green Festival Los Angeles this year! We'll be there from Sep 16th through the 18th scoping out green vegan home and beauty product and of course yummy vegan eats! Use Code NAHBE16 for 50% OFF tickets Here!

green festival

If you can't make Los Angeles Green Fest, there are more cities and dates in 2016:
San Francisco, Nov 11-13th
Portland, Dec 9-11th

green festival
"Green Festivals, a vegan/vegetarian event and longest running and largest sustainability-focused expo is ready to celebrate LA as one of the friendliest vegan cities in the nation!  This year our primary goal has been to help our attendees gain the tools they need to personally help mitigate climate change, which is why we have partnered with A.U.M Films/Cowspiracy for all cities in 2016.  On Friday September 16th we will be screening Cowspiracy followed by a Q and A from Co-Director Kip Andersen.  Donations for the screening will go back to helping the efforts of American Wild Horse Preservation and Rowdy Girl Sanctuary.  Factory Farming Awareness Coalition will also be joining LA in a presentation as well as John Lewis from Bad Ass Vegan; Ed Begley Jr., veteran vegan of 22 years will speak, Spork Foods will show us how easy it is to make great vegan cuisine.  Praised film Speciesism will make its debut on the Green Festivals circuit followed by a talk from Director Mark Devries.  Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine and Holistic Holiday at Sea will be onsite and internationally acclaimed musician Moby will address the audience with a testament to the plant based lifestyle."  

For more information, visit!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Menstrual Cups and Sponges

Menstrual Cups Menstrual Sponges
 A 20 minute video below, but it covers 2 types of menstrual cups and sea sponges!

Times are below, if you would like to skip to a particular topic.
Beginning- Overview
1:20- Diva Cup
3:28- Moon Cup
7:45- Inserting the Cup
12:25- Sponges
14:15- Inserting the Sponge
16:05- Cautionary Tale :)

It's so important for women to share with other women, our daughters, sisters and friends about these types of topics. I hope this helps someone starting out and if you have been using cups and/or sponges and have some tips or your experience to share, please do so below!

Sea Sponges: Plant or Animal? Sea Sponges are technically classified as animals. However, they do not have brains, central nervous, circulatory or digestive systems. In fact, they even survive and reproduce as other plants do. For these reasons, I am okay using sea sponges as a vegan. If this is something that you are not okay with, please do your research and decide for yourself.
Be sure to use sea sponges from a reputable source that harvest the sponges sustainably without harming the eco system.

Special Thanks to Glad Rags for introducing me to the Moon Cup!

3rd Annual Sonoma County Veg Fest, Aug 20h 2016

Sonoma County Veg Fest

The 3rd annual Sonoma County Veg Fest was great! To read all about it and see pictures of the vegan yummies we enjoyed, check out my recap on!

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Non Toxic Slime for Sensory Play

non toxic slime recipe

Super Easy and Super Fun Non Toxic Slime! 

Use equal parts cornstarch and water.
Mix the water into the cornstarch slowly.
This is done easiest with your hands. 
You can use a spoon or spatula, but it's much more difficult.
*optional, add color of your choice.
non toxic slime recipe
non toxic slime recipe

non toxic slime recipe

Play Ideas:
Add in figurines and let the kids dig them out.
Experiment with items to see which float and which sink.

non toxic slime recipenon toxic slime recipe

 Try different amounts of water to change consistency.

non toxic slime recipe

Take it outside or in an empty tub and let the kids slime their feet, arms, legs...

non toxic slime recipe

Have fun!


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