Monday, May 23, 2016

Bamboobies New Nursing Brahhhh, Review


I have breastfed for a total of 6 years and trying out the new Bamboobies Nursing Brahhh was a treat! It's super soft and breathable! The Nursing Brahhh is seamless and made out of rayon from bamboo fabric. It has no under wire for comfort and soft support. This is a great bra for everyday wear!

bamboobies nursing brahhh

I generally wear a 36 DD and I used the chart to select the M/L size. When it first arrived and I looked at it, I thought it wasn't going to fit, but I was so wrong. It fit perfectly and the fabric molds around your breasts to create a very nice support without being too stiff or painful. A huge plus for me was the thick band, so there is no digging into my sides or back.


 I also love the fuzzy backing of the hooks, so the hooks and band does not irritate your skin.


I self wean my babies and my youngest nurses less and less these days. He is 3yrs old and that is the same age that my daughter weaned as well. When I first started breastfeeding, I thought I would get away with using my old sports bras. I soon figured out having easy excess, more support and comfort made nursing much more enjoyable. I would have loved to have the Nursing Brahhh then and will definitely recommend to newly nursing Mamas.

I just wanted to hop on my phone and show you a quick video of the Nursing Brahhh as well! Hopefully, it helps you see how super soft, stretchy and supportive it is!


To check out the full Bamboobies line, including the Nursing Brahhh, Nursing Tank, Nipple Balm and Nursing pads, visit
Some of the Bamboobies line can also be conveniently found at Target!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Great Big Family Play Day, May 22nd 2016!

socal moms Play Day

Join me at the Great Big Family Play Day this Sunday, May 22nd!
I'll be there with my littles enjoying all of the fun activities and entertainment!

Just a few of the highlights are:
  • Live Music & Entertainment from Lisa Loeb, The Beat Buds, The Autry and more!
  • Interactive Fun & Experiences from the best local kids entertainers including face painting, tattoos, balloon art, princess meet & greets, bubble making, music and more
  • Arts & Crafts, Create & Build, Imagine & Read
  • Kids Fitness Fun
  • Toddler Camp
  • Food Trucks, Beer Garden, Snacks, Drinks and amp; Cookout with Fork in the Road
  • The Great Big Raffle!
  • And More!!

lisa loeb

Last year the play day sold out, so get your tickets in advance!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Vegan Rainbow Cake Idea, Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Usually K tells me what flavors she wants for her birthday cake. This year, she didn't have a flavor request, so I just went with a couple of her favorites. For decor, I incorporated a couple of her current favorite characters from My Little Pony.

For the cake portion, I used this coconut cupcake recipe with whole wheat flour and minus the nutmeg. I used a sheet cake pan and cut into rectangular layers.

 The Happy Birthday topper and figurines are from Target. The sprinkles are from Let's Do Organic. Hopefully your decorating skills are better than mine! I put the fudge on the sides and the green tea whipped cream on the top.

vegan rainbow cake

The frostings I winged, but hopefully the following gives you a good idea, if you want to try something like it.

Strawberry Buttercream:
vegan margarine, cornstarch, powdered freeze dried strawberries, powdered coconut palm sugar. I grind the fruit in a coffee grinder until powdery.

vegan rainbow cake

add into your buttercream for flavor and color!

vegan rainbow cake

Blueberry Buttercream:
vegan margarine, cornstarch, powdered freeze dried blueberries, powdered coconut palm sugar
Chocolate Fudge:
semi sweet chocolate chips melted with coconut milk

Green Tea Whipped Cream:
whipped coconut cream, matcha tea powder, powdered coconut palm sugar, vanilla

vegan rainbow cake

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Vegan Rainbow Cake

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wacky Apple Organics Review and Giveaway!

wacky apple logo

I'm so excited to have discovered Wacky Apple Organics! Wacky Apple is a family owned, women run business that owns its own fruit orchards and makes small batch applesauce, fruit juice and fruit snacks. Wacky Apple has zero added sugar. The sweetness in all of their products come straight from fruit!
wacky apple
I really appreciate how fun and appealing Wacky Apple's brand is with also being non-GMO, certified organic, vegan and dairy free! Super fun packaging that makes kids excited about healthy organic snacks!

Wacky Applesauce comes in 4oz snack packs and 24oz jars. They have golden applesauce, apricot, cinnamon, wild berry and mango. Hands down my littles love mango the most!
The golden and cinnamon are great as substitutes for oil, eggs and sugar in baking.  

wacky apple sauce

Wacky Apple Juices come in 6oz cups and now 1.5 liter pouches. They just launched the first large juice pouch! These oversized juice pouches are perfect for play dates, outings, family gatherings or even at home. The pouches fit into the refrigerator door and have easy access with spill proof push dispensers.

wacky apple juice

wacky apple juice

Wacky Apple Flat Fruit comes in 5oz individually wrapped packages. The flavors are regular, wild berry and cinnamon. I have a couple of these in bag at all times, so that a quick healthy snack is always available for the littles.

wacky apple snacks

Check out more Wacky Apple Yummies at!

Want a Wacky Apple Prize Pack and the New Large Juice Pouch? Check out our Giveaway on @craftyearthmama !


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