Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dandelion Greens

Dandelions are in the sunflower family and grow all year long, peaking in the springtime. Chances are, you have some growing in your back yard right now. You know, those small yellow flowers that mature into feathery balls that get blown off into the wind. They're much more than just weeds, so stop trying to get rid of them and start eating them!

The dandelion leaves are what you want to harvest and taste best if picked before flowering occurs. They have a slightly bitter and tangy flavor that goes especially well with salads.
Besides flavor, dandelions are filled with more nutrients than many wider known greens. Just one cup of raw dandelions has 98%DV of Vit A, 58%DV of Vit C and 18%DV of calcium. http://www.elook.org/nutrition/vegetables/2410.html
Dandelion greens aid in digestion as well as cleanse the liver, blood and kidneys. For the most benefit, you can use them in tinctures, teas and juices.

Nothing makes me feel more alive than a freshly squeezed glass of juice in the morning. This recipe using the dandelion greens is especially great for fasting and cleansing.

Dandelion Lemonade
makes about 24 ounces
1/2 bunch organic dandelion
1 collard leaf or handful spinach
1 lemon
2 cucumbers
2 apples

Put all ingredients through your juicer.
Enjoy straight or over ice!

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