Friday, January 16, 2009

The Farmers Market

I look forward to my stroll down to the local FM every Friday. Over the holidays the market shutdown and oh how I missed it!

I love talking with the different vendors and not only finding out where and when they harvest their produce, but also what's new with them. It's so interesting and it does me good to know exactly where my food came from. I love thinking about each person who touched each pear, persimmon, I'm enjoying it.

The sights and sounds are something to behold. As I walk up, I'm always greeted by an enticing scent. Today it was strawberries. I was not planning on purchasing any, but the fragrance drew me in! I wasn't disappointed.
There are innumerable types of fruit and vegetables in the world and I plan on trying them all! Not really, but I would like to sample a good amount of them. Here in the U.S we only have about 10% of the varieties that are available throughout the world. FM's are a great way to expand your produce horizon. You can get many varieties of things you wouldn't find in your local grocery store.
All chemical free and straight from harvest!

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