Friday, January 16, 2009

Pom and Pers the Perfect Pair

Who knew that pairing two fruits that are delicious on their own would bring about such a flavor explosion!

I had purchased quite a few pomegranates and persimmons at the farmers market. I did'nt want them to over ripen, so I started using them in anyway I could think of. I threw some together for breakfast and was so impressed that I had it again later in the day. I do that often...I get ahold of something and eat it to my hearts content until something else sparks my flame.

If you think of persimmons as being a pucker fruit, don't be discouraged. You may have experienced an unripe one or a Hachiya variety.
Fuyu pers can be enjoyed while still firm, but the Hachiya must be soft and mushy like to avoid the dreaded pucker.

Can't really call this a recipe, but here it is:

1 dissected pomegranate- full of potassium and antioxidants
1 skinned and diced persimmon- high in iron and vit C


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