Monday, March 30, 2009

33 Earth Years

I've been here on this planet for a little over 33 years now. I've anticipated being 33 for a couple of months, so it feels really good to be actually claiming it! I'm so pleased and appreciative to have made it to this year. With all my life's lessons and experiences, it's been a beautiful journey and I'm ready for some more!

I spent the day with a few of my favorites.
In the morning I hung out with my 2 favorite fur heads, Merlot and Lucy. They keep me on my toes and always seem to bring a smile to my face even when I'm feeling far from joyful. I feel blessed to have them both, especially considering the events of this past year.

My afternoon was spent with my favorite person, my husband. We cruised the beach on our bikes, chatting the whole way and stopping every now and again to take pictures and enjoy the scenery. Our last stop was an impromptu visit to the Long Beach Museum of Art. I've wanted to go for quite some time now, so we played hookey from running and went there instead!

My evening was spent at my favorite place, Seva Cafe. I don't know that my birthday would have been complete without being able to serve, laugh and love at Seva.

Cheers to everyone who came into the world on March 29th! I wish you many more years of love, laughter and enlightenment!

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