Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Raw Fruit and Cream Pie

I'm in dessert heaven today...I've been dreaming about this pie for some time now. I had all the ingredients layed out in my head and I imagined it was going to taste divine. I was not one bit disappointed. I had been waiting until I was able to get some more Bautista Farm Organic Dates and I finally got some yesterday. So, today was pie day!

makes 4 small pies
1c almonds- lowers cholesterol, has antioxidant Vit E
1/2c pecans- lowers cholesterol, protein
3/4c ground oat groats- high in fiber lowering cholesterol
1/2C dates (I used Deglet this time)- fiber and potassium rich, natural sweetener
1/4 of a vanilla bean
pinch sea salt
Mix all ingredients in food processor until nuts are in small pieces and crust sticks together.

Cream Filling
2c strawberries- rich in antioxidants, Vit C
about 4 soaked dates- fiber and potassium rich, natural sweetener

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth. Use a little of the date soaking liquid if cream is too thick.

2 peaches- potassium, Vit A, C
1c strawberries- rich in antioxidants, Vit C
agave syrup to taste

Slice fruit and add agave. I let it sit overnight, so that the fruit releases it's juices and gets nice and soft.
Mold crust on 4 serving plates or 1 large dish. Make sure to mold a lip around the crust to hold the cream. Pour in cream and top with fruit.

Welcome to dessert heaven!


  1. This looks delicious!!

  2. I hope you give it a try!
    It's simple and oh so yummy :)



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