Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Curry Collard Wraps

Here's what I threw together to take to work today.
Quick, easy, flavorful and filling!

Collard leaves- Vit A, K, phytonutrients
Take out the stem and wash these well by submerging them in a bath of salt water.
Rinse and let drain in colander or on a towel.
If you want more pliable greens, let them sit for awhile or even over night. They become more limp, the longer you let them sit. I like mine crunchy, so I just rinse and drain.

large carrots roughly chopped- high in fiber, Vit A
1/2c cashews- high in magnesium, rich in oleic acid
1/3c raisins- antioxidant, boron rich
1 clove garlic- can regulate blood pressure and increase immune system
2tbs extra virgin olive oil- rich in oleic acid, regulates cholesterol levels
1/8tsp ground cumin- aids in digestion, high in iron
1/4tsp ground ginger- antioxidant, settles upset stomach
1tsp Bragg's liquid aminos- Non GMO amino acids
1tbs lemon juice- Vit C, potassium, bioflavonoids
1tsp curry powder
sea salt and pepper to taste

Pulse first four ingredients in a food processor until broken down.
Add next six ingredients and blend until well combined. Don't over mix or you will have mush. You want the mixture to still be chunky.
Add s and p to taste.
Wrap in collard leaves and enjoy!


  1. I've had this yummy raw food sandwich before. Very tasty!

  2. Hi Susan!
    I liked it so much, I had them 2 days in a row :)



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