Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Health Freedom Expo

I happened to read about this expo on the internet a day before it began. I'm really glad that I did, because I gathered a ton of great information and met some truly inspiring people! A few of my favorite vendors there were Animal Acres, Leaf Cuisine, Natural Solution and Bragg Live Foods.

Animal Acres: You know how you keep meaning to get in contact with a person or group and never have? That's me with Animal Acres. I have loved them from afar for so long and was extremely excited when I found out they had a booth at the expo. What a blessing!
I enjoyed chatting with the volunteers about the animal sanctuary, veganism, volunteer opportunities and the Veggie Pride Parade. http://veggiepridela.com/
I am so excited to get started helping Animal Acres rescue and rehabilitate abused farm animals. I hope to get a group together soon to go take a tour and lend a hand wherever it's needed. http://www.animalacres.org/

Leaf Cuisine: I've tried quite a few of their raw food offerings through Whole Foods and have been pleased. It was nice to see them there preparing fresh food and educating expo goers on raw and living cuisine. I stopped by and grabbed some "Kickin' Kale Crisps". They were delish and I plan on loading up my dehydrator with my own version soon! http://leaforganics.com/

Bragg Live Foods: This was one of the busier booths at the expo. I passed by several times and they were always overflowing with curious people. Patricia Bragg was there speaking with everyone about the benefits of the Bragg line and living a healthy lifestyle. I was able to get in and grab a few samples and purchase some of their new salad dressing. They had several new items to check out and try. I've been a fan of Bragg's ever since I discovered their Apple cider vinegar. It's truly the best tasting and most nutritious on the market.
While there, I was given a bottle of their new ACV drink. Wowza, it was good! I've mixed up my own at home before but they must have the ratio just right because it was wonderful. I will be purchasing this again as soon as it's available in stores. http://www.bragg.com/

Natural Solution: There were several vendors selling Himalayan salt, but none were the brand that I am familiar with. I happened to see a friend from my raw foods group while I was there and he recommended I try Natural Solutions. He said that the quality was wonderful and the prices were great. He was right and I stocked up on some at whole sale price!
There is nothing like using HS in your food preparation or body applications. The health benefits are remarkable for both the inside and outside of your body. http://designed4lifeusa.com

Before leaving the expo, I received a coupon to The New World Fair in Pasadena, May 16-17, 2009. There will be exhibitors, live music, speakers and even an open drum circle!

I won't miss this one! If your interested, check out the website for more info.

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