Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Spring Rolls

So fresh, so easy and so versatile.

bean sprouts
shredded carrots
diced cucumber
spring mix or other salad greens
collard leaves
rice paper

(sometimes I add a little peanut butter or sesame oil to the sauce)
3tbl white miso
1/2tsp ginger
juice of 1 small lime
1tbl apple cider vinegar
1tbl soy sauce or nama shoyu
1 clove garlic
a dash sirachi or other chili sauce
water for thinning

To prepare sauce, mince garlic and mix with all other ingredients in a bowl.
Use water to thin out to desired consistency.

Be creative and try out different fillings and find out what you like. I've tried a number of things and these happen to be my fav.

To make assembly easier for myself, I wash and prepare all my veggies including the collards and store in a container in the fridge. I prep enough to last me for a few days. Right now I'm eating these at least every other day to help with my vitamin intake and of course because they're so delicious

Soak rice paper according to directions on your package.Layer a collard leaf on top of the paperPile up your veggies generouslyYou can either pour some sauce on the inside or just have some on the side for dipping. I like alot of sauce, so I do both.Roll it up nice and tight, tucking in the sides. Just like you would for a burrito. The rice paper keeps everything together in a neat package.If your not using rice paper, just make sure you have nice sized collard leaves to contain everything.


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