Friday, February 12, 2010

Birth Beads

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Birth beads are a wonderful way to celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby. You can choose some of your favorites with special meaning to you or you can participate in a bead swap with other Mama's due around the same time that you are. Either way, it's great to sit and string the beads as you visualize your baby's birth day.

I participated in a bead swap with other ladies in a Mama's group I belong too. We are all due in March and thought this would be a great way to connect with each other during our births. We chose beads with special meaning to us and sent those along with encouraging notes to each member of the group.

I sent aquamarine beads. It is my birthstone and may be the birthstone of our babies. Aquamarine stones are very calming and are known to reduce stress.

The beads I received.

I was so excited when I received my beads. It made my heart sing to read the messages of love from the other Mama's. I sat and focused on each of those messages while I made my birthing necklace. I visualized how I would be wearing it, holding it or just looking at it during my labor time. It may seem like such a small thing, but I really think this necklace will help me through labor and I will cherish it for all time.
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  1. beautiful! i love this idea. i am thinking of you always and sending you and baby lots of love -cb

  2. Thanx gal! Oh, I'm loving reading shut up christine and what a title!



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