Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adventures in Sewing

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I've always been kind of interested in sewing, but didn't really catch the bug until after my daughter was born. It was then that I really started to long to make her cloth diapers and clothing myself. My mother was a wonderful seamstress and made everything imaginable. I knew that if she was still with us, she would have made so many things for my daughter and taught me how to make those adorable diapers and covers she made for my nieces and nephews.

It took me awhile to gather up the time and supplies, but I was determined to sew my daughters 1st birthday dress. I bought some beautiful fabric back in December and was so excited to finally put it to use. I borrowed my sisters sewing machine and accessories, went through my mothers old patterns and bought some other things I would need for my projects. I wanted to make a simple dress for her actual birthday and then something slightly more fancy for her birthday party.

The most intense part for me was figuring out the patterns. I wound up getting 2 simpler patterns from Pink Poodle Bows on Etsy for the dresses. I really wanted to use my mothers, but I just could not figure them out. I will use them in the future I'm sure.
I was quite amazed that I remembered how to load a bobbin and thread a machine. It all just came back to me. I used to spend hours at her feet while she sewed or playing around in her sewing room asking questions and "helping". I can't remember an exact lesson, but somehow all that my mother had taught me about sewing that was locked away in my brain somewhere came flowing out.
I did a couple of practice stitches on a scrap, but felt pretty comfortable quite quickly. My mother was guiding me for sure!

I'm no pro and I know with time my stitching and technique will get better, but I truly enjoyed making these dresses and can't wait to have my own sewing room! I'll continue to post my progress. Perhaps one day my daughter will be playing at my feet and "helping" while I'm sewing things for her.

Back of Party Dress

Birthday Dress
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  1. I keep eyeing this fabric at JoAnn's and now you have me wanting to go and get it the first chance I get. Cute dress!

  2. I had my eye on it online for awhile, so when I saw it at JoAnns, I grabbed a couple yards :)



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