Thursday, September 22, 2011

Give Away!

I thought a give away was in order to celebrate my new blogging spot!
A Huge Thanks to everyone who moved over from my previous blog to this one.

I'll be giving away 2 body butters to 2 subscribers. Winners will be chosen randomly on Oct 1st!

You can enter 2 ways
#1-Subscribe here at Crafty Earth Mama.
#2-If you've already subscribed or want a second entry, leave a comment here and let me know how you like the new blog.

Fall is here and it's getting a bit chilly. Keep your skin and hair moisturized and smelling good naturally with Head to Toe White Chocolate Body Butter! It's 100% Organic with no parabens or phthalates.

Let the entries begin!


  1. Love the new blog! Looking forward to more recipes and more pics of your lil cutie! :p

  2. Thanks Southern and Fab!
    Truckerlafemme, Thanks and more recipes coming!

  3. Love the new blog and the little mama is a cutie pie!

  4. Thanks Jakibro and welcome to my new spot!

  5. Love the new Blog, I subscribed and that corn salad looks delish in the previous post!! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. That White Chocolate Body butter sounds good enough to EAT as well...LOL

  6. Thanks head Diva! I've got your 2 entries. The body butter is good enough to eat ;)



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