Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Toddler Summer Dress

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9 days until Fall and here I am making Summer dresses. Hey, we live in Long Beach, she can still wear them for awhile! I'm a sewing novice and I like to keep my sewing simple, so I gave this pattern a try snappy-toddler-dress. It's a super cute pattern and a great starting point.
Here are my 1st sewing projects.

I love the end result, but I veered off the pattern. Both, because I could'nt figure parts of it out and then I just wanted to get it finished, so I made up my own instructions to part of it :) I used some fabric that I had left over from making her birthday banner back in March.
Here are the changes I made:
-I cut it bigger, so she could get a longer wear out of it.
-I cut trim for the arm holes and back, so that I could just use it to tie in the back instead of snaps or buttons.
-I hemmed the bottom without trim or bias tape.

The 2 back straps come up over the shoulders and through the button holes on the front yolk. Then I tie it across her back. I love the way this part turned out. Next time I will make the straps longer. It's a learning process :)

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