Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Raw Vegan Lasagna- Rawsagna

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This rawsagna is super flavorful! I've made it several times, sometimes adding different veggies I have on hand. I always make a big pan of it, so that I can enjoy it for a couple of days without having to prepare it all again.

about 5 zuchinni
marinated mushrooms (I didn't have any ready for this batch, so I made it without)
To prepare zuchinni, slice thinly(use mandolin if you have it).
Sprinkle with salt and let drain while you prep other ingredients.
Squeeze water from zuchinni(I use a salad spinner) and set aside.

After just sitting for a few minutes already the zukes have released alot of water.

5 roma tomotoes
2 cloves garlic
1/2c basil leaves
1/4c ev olive oil
1/2 tsp agave or 1 date
salt and pepper to taste
1 green bell pepper diced
Put all ingredients except pepper into food processor and blend until everything is broken down. Mix in pepper by hand.

2c cashews (soaked and drained)
juice of 1 small lemon
1tbs nutritional yeast
Put all ingredients in food processor and blend until the consistency of ricotta cheese.

Layer all ingredients in a dish. Zuchinni first, cheese, greens and sauce. Repeat until all ingredients are used. It's best if you let the lasagna sit for awhile after assembly, but you can also enjoy right away!
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  1. oh my goodness - raw lasagna, hmm hmmmmm! I went on a raw food course for my 30th birthday and they made a raw lasgana that was to die for and I've been meaning to make it ever since. This one looks lush! Happy WIAW and VeganMofo:)

  2. Thanks PeaSoup! Just like the cooked stuff, there's many ways to make it. It's so good and good for you!

  3. Wow! What an amazing idea!!! I can't wait to try this!!

  4. Make a big batch, you're gonna love it!

  5. WHY am I JUST NOW seeing this! You are an amazing woman! I love you!!! (Felicia)



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