Friday, November 25, 2011

30 Days of Thanks, Nov 22nd-24th 2011

Thankful for 30 days.
If you would like to post your thanks as well, please do!

Nov 22nd-24th
I'm Thankful/Grateful for:
-My life being so full of Abundance and Love that I am able to share those blessings with others.
-The things my daughter points out to me. Sometimes, I'm moving so fast that I don't take notice of the small things. She seems to notice the tiniest things and wants to explore them. Most of the time, it's turns out to be so interesting and fun.
-Birthdays, mine and other peoples. It's a nice chance to reflect on the years passed and show someone how much you care for and appreciate them. Happy Birthday Mr. Crafty!

Please share what you are Thankful for today?

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