Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Homemade Playdoh

I was over at House Full of Nicholes and saw that she posted her recipe for playdough . Babygirl loves messing around with me in the kitchen, so I figured she could play with this, when we're not in the kitchen.
We had to add more flour than the recipe calls for, because it was a bit too sticky at first, but it turned out great! We mixed it all up together and then added the colors. I used some standard food coloring that I wouldn't use on food, but for this, I figured it was okay.
Once we were all done, I layed them all out for her on a big platter. I guess seeing all that dough layed out for her to play with was super exciting, because she said "Wow" and started clapping.
Awesome :)

Thanks for the idea and recipe Tasha!


  1. Homemade playdough is so much fun. I remember how excited I was when I found out that I could make it on my own. Your little girl is so adorable! <3

  2. Oh I used to love when my mom made us Playdough, normally on a rainy day. Brings back great memories :) I love her polka dot outfit!

  3. Thanks Molly! Who knew that colored dough made little ones so excited :)

    Angela, I hope DD has fond memories of all the things we do together. Oh and she was still in her pajamas that day :)



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