Friday, November 4, 2011

Sewing Kitchen Curtains

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I'm a sewing novice, but I figured I could make some simple, but cute curtains for our new home. I would have liked to make them for the whole home, but at the rate I work, we would have gone without for quite some time! We bought some for the living area and so far, I've made some for the kitchen, babygirl's room and the front door. We still need some for the bay windows in the dining room. I'm working on something with a little bit more detail for that.
*Note- This fabric is from Legacy Studio and called Patchwork Orange Deco Floral. I ordered it from JoAnn's with a coupon. I bought it the same time as the fabric below and this chalkboard paint. All of which was on sale.

Anyhoo- here's what I did.
-I measured my window then figured out how long I wanted my finished curtain to be. Then I made sure to add the extra inches needed for a rod pocket, a decorative ruffle, side seams and a hem at the bottom.

-For the sides: I fold them in 1/4in, iron, fold in 1/2in to 1in, iron and then sew it down.
**Ironing a straight fold is crucial in making curtains** If you get your folds and creases right, then the sewing part is a breeze.

-For the bottom hem: I fold in 1/2in, iron, fold in 2-3in and then sew it down.
How large I fold all depends on what type of fabric I'm using and where at. For some, I fold just enough to finish it. For others, I like the look of a larger hem and it helps to weigh the curtain down. You could insert washers or pennies into the hem for weight, but as of yet, I haven't had to do that.

All layed out after I've sewn my sides and have ironed down the top and bottom.

-For the top: I fold in 1/2in, iron and then fold 2-3in and then sew it down. For some windows I like an extra rod pocket at the top, so that it creates a ruffle at the top. If you want this effect, be sure to add enough inches for it.
If I'm adding the extra rod pocket, I fold my top part in 1/2 and iron. This gives me a crease to follow when I stitch it across the top.

Here it is after I've stitched it across the top to create 2 rod pockets.

All done!

Here's the one I did for the front door using the same method. No frills or extra pocket at the top.
*Note- I bought this fabric on sale at JoAnn's as well. It's Legacy Studio's Floral Brown Medallion.

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  1. LOVE that fabric.... just gorgeous. What a fun little project - and they look totally groovy :)

  2. Thanks so much Lou! I fell in love with this fabric and just had to have it.
    I just edited in the fabric info in case anyone needs it.

  3. Good job! I liked your kitchen curtains - color and their fall.



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