Friday, December 9, 2011

40 Before 40

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I was inspired to put together a 40 things to do before I turn 40 list by Roshini over at
I've made lists of short term and long term goals before and currently I even have a Law Of Attraction binder put together. Still, there was something about a 40 before 40 list that sounded fun!
I'm 35 and had to actually do some subtraction to figure that out. I was about to write 36, but because I can't remember how old I am half the time, I thought I better calculate it first! I started not caring much about age after I turned 30 and tend to lose track.
Some of the things on my list I have done before, but now would like to experience with my family. Some things will be completely brand new to me. Some items I am currently working on and some are in my visualizations. Some, I haven't even discovered yet, but I've left space for those!

If you create your own list, please share! It's so interesting to see the goals that others have set for themselves.

*In no particular order*
1-Run a full marathon
2-Be Financially Independant and Independantly Wealthy
3-Spend at least 2 weeks in Africa. Must visit Botswana
4-Spend at least 2 weeks in Italy. Must visit Tuscany
5-Get caught up on my scrapbooking
6-Organize my pictures and videos
7-Own a Successful Organic Vegan Cafe
8-Have at least one other baby  My Supernova
9-Take an epic family vacation Tulum and Maui was pretty Epic

10-Pay for an epic family vacation
11-Grow at least 90% of my own produce
12-Grow my own grapes and make my own wine:
Still Working on this, but the grapes have been planted :)

13-Reduce carbon footprint
14-Visit Grand Canyon again. The first time was a bit of a debacle
15-Give 100,000+ to deserving charities/people/families each year
16-Be on The Amazing Race
17-Take my family to see my friend and his family in the Bahamas
18-Learn how to surf
19-Take a vacation to Tulum
20-Go on weekend ski trip
21-Spend part of the holidays in New York and take Babygirl iceskating in Rockefeller Center
22- See a Broadway show on Broadway
23- Wine Touring through Napa Valley
24- Learn all the functions of my camera
25- Finish beautifying the front and back yards
26- Finish the grapevine tattoo on my back and get the others touched up
27- See the Tournament of Roses Parade in person
28- Visit New Orleans with my husband, this time not for Mardi Gras
29- Trace my family’s history back to Africa
30- Have a Christmas Party
31- See the Northern Lights again. This time with my babygirl and husband
32- Snorkel peacefully without running for the hills away from the fish
33- Finish writing 2 books and have them published
34- Learn to Salsa and do it well
35- Learn to speak Spanish
36- Make my own Kombucha
37- Go on a cruise. Never been interested before, but would like to give it a try.
38- Meet Pearl Fryar and visit his Garden.
39- Make amends with my oldest and dearest friend.
40- This spot is for stuff new that I do, but never knew I wanted to do before 40 : )


  1. Wow, it's so interesting to read your goals - you go girl, this all sounds fantastic. If you ever come by Australia - me and Viper can help you out with #18!

    Oh, and totally try #36 asap - it's so so easy and delicious! Once you start you can't stop brewing :)

    I'm going to go and think of my 40 now :)

  2. I love lists like these! Our dreams & goals are always changing, but I do have a list on my blog for them. It's not long, but they're definitely what we want right now. :)

  3. My sister-in-law is a Kombucha guru :) We can both go over to her place sometime and she can give us a lesson! - Lisa H.

  4. I've been inspired and started making a SCOBY for my bucha tonight. I guess I'll see how it turns out in a couple weeks :)
    Lou, we are there!
    Molly, I'm going to go check your out. How fun!
    Lisa, that's awesome! If my batch is not so tastey maybe she can give me some pointers.

  5. Awesome! I am currently working on a 30 before 30 goal, but great call on your part to give yourself 5 years, rather than 1:) I think the best part about this kind of a task is how enriched life will be if you even do half of it. Good luck in all of these endeavors!

  6. Thanks Sarah! Please share your list when you're done. Yep, if I even do 10 of these, I'll be a happy woman :)

  7. LOL on #9 followed by #10 :D

    Oooh, I love #16!

    Hey, I've done #19

    Ok, #24 cracked me up. I can't figure out the focus on my camera and lost the manuel. #itnevahdo

    There is no way I'm doing #32, I am scared of the fish

  8. Thanks Roshini! Yep, #32 is going to take something special. I've tried a couple times, but those darn fish keep trying to get me!

  9. I just realized you have completed some of these recently!!!!

  10. I love that you stopped keeping track of your age after 30! I did the same thing and always have to ask my husband when it comes up. :-)

    Your tattoo is beautiful. I am enjoying your blog, you may have already said but why did you choose the grape design? Thanks for visiting my blog!



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