Friday, December 23, 2011

DIY Glass Ball Ornaments with Picture Inside

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Babygirl and I made these for our tree and her Grandmother this year. We will do them each year with an updated picture and handprint.

I bought the balls at Michael's. They had 2 sizes and these were the larger of the 2. I measured babygirl's hand up against the smaller one and it was too small, so we went with these.

First, we did the handprint, so they could dry overnight. I used puffy paint and I really like the way it turned out. The paint is slightly raised, so that you can actually feel the handprint on there. I annotated the date next to the handprint for keepsake purposes.

After that dried, I inserted the photos. You want to cut your picture a little larger than the ball diameter, so that the picture stands up on the inside.

Roll your pic up and insert with the picture toward the outside of the ball.

I used a drink stirrer to help position once the pic was in. You could use the eraser side of a pencil or even a chopstick to do this. Open the pic and push the sides of it toward the glass, so that it sticks into place.

*Note* If your picture is the wrong size or you don't like the way it's fitting, it's very easy to poke a pair of needle nose pliers into the top of the ball and pull the picture out. It rolls into itself and comes out easily.

Finish them off with some decorative ribbon or even some charms.
All done!
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  1. These are such a great handmade gift to give! They turned out beautiful. She's such a cutie. <3

  2. Very cool! What a wonderful way to commemorate each holiday. Merry Christmas:)

  3. CB, you can have these made, but t's so easy at home :)
    Thanks Molly!
    Sarah, one day her handprint won't fit on the glass, so maybe we'll continue on with pictures only :)



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