Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tofu Omelettes with Spinach and Daiya Cheese

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Mr. Crafty has been wanting to try tofu omelettes, so we decided they would be perfect for our Monday Brunch. Who knew a tofu omelette could be so good? Mr. Crafty just recently gave up eggs and I think he likes these even better than the egg version. They were delicious and a wonderful alternative to Scrambled Tofu!

14oz block of organic tofu, firm (don't press, just rinse)
1tsp Organic Better than Bouillon
1tbs nutritional yeast
sauteed spinach
Daiya mozzarela cheese
earth balance or evoo for cooking

Blend the tofu, bouillon and yeast together until well combined. It doesn't have to be absolutely smooth. It will resemble pancake batter.
Heat earth balance or evoo in skillet. Add tofu mixture and smooth out in an even layer.

Once the edges are brown and that side is cooked, flip and cook other side.
Add your fillings. When that side is cooked, flip it over onto a plate.
Enjoy alone or with your choice of sides!

These omelettes would be great with salsa, tomatoes, hashbrowns, tempeh bacon, avocado, black beans, olives, babaganoush, sauteed mushrooms and kale...
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  1. this looks great!Y ou post is right on time because I just thinking about how I could make an omelet with tofu.

  2. Hi Monique! Simple ingredients, but oh man they were good. Let me know how your turn out!

  3. Good morning,
    Did you press your tofu before blending it?
    about to make this now :-)

  4. Good Morning! No pressing or draining, just rinsed it off, broke into pieces and popped it in the blender.

  5. You're welcome, I hope they came out delish!



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