Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet Potato Dog Chews

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I made these for the furs for Christmas and again over this past weekend.
They loved them!
The first time, I used a mandoline slicer on the thickest setting and left them to dehydrate at about 125 degrees overnight. They came out a little too thin and too hard. The next time around, I sliced them by hand and dehydrated on 165 degrees for just a couple of hours. They came out perfectly!

I used Vegan Flower's Recipe. I prepared them just as she did, but added a drizzle flaxseed oil after steaming. Once they were layed out on the dehydrator, I sprinkled them with nutritional yeast. The oil and yeast gave added flavor and a nutritional boost. Flaxseed oil is great for dogs bones, hair and coat. Nutritional yeast provides B vitamins and helps keep fleas away.

I bet the furs wished I would make these more often :)

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  1. Woohoo! @ having vegan pets :-)

    I couldn't find your email but wanted to know if you'e interested in participating in my Other Brown Vegan series?
    Here's a link to the format: .com/imported-20110829144100/category/other-brown-vegans

    Email me at if you're interested and I will send over the questions :-)

    Take care,


  2. This post made my night! Putting nutritional yeast on them is a great idea. Thanks so much for the shout out and lots of belly rubs all around! :)

  3. Hi Monique! Oh, I would love to. I'll e-mail you!

    Molly, thanks for the recipe! The furs are in love and it's such a nutritious treat!



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