Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Juice Fast, Day 10

I'm bored with juice!
The past couple of days, I have drank minimal juice and been completely satisfied. Today, no juice is interesting to me and I feel over it. Tomorrow is Farmer's Market day, so I'll try and find some more interesting things to juice up tomorrow. I'm thinking of pineapple cilantro in the morning will be a fun start.
Also, I'm really wanting some acai juice. I stopped at the store today looking for some and all they had was sweetened with sugar, so I skipped it.

Nursing is going well. I noticed he had some tummy issues when I had cabbage juice, so I'm leaving that out of my juices from this point. No supply issues and other than the cabbage, baby boy is doing great!

Today's juices:

2 white grapefruits, 1/2 head romaine, 1 apple on the left
1 small watermelon, 1/4 beet, 1 tiny lemon with rind on the right
4 apples, 6 or so leaves of kale, 2 ribs celery, 3 tiny lemons- I diluted it with water and some already made carrot juice.

More info on why I began my fast and fasting while nursing:
Fasting While Nursing Day 1 and 7

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