Saturday, March 15, 2014

Breaking My Juice Fast, Day 14-15

I broke my fast on the end of day 15.

I was struggling with the fast on days 13 and 14 and then by 15, I was done.
On day 14, me and the kids went grocery shopping at Trader Joe's. We bought the usual, including my daughter's favorite falafel wrap and hummus. I was salivating over it, the whole time they we're eating and later that night, I took a small piece of the falafel dipped in the spicy tahini. It was so good!

I continued with juice after that morsel into the next day and when dinner time came around, I decided I would enjoy the kale salad with everyone else. I made a huge one and we all dug in. I enjoyed it to the fullest!
Now, a leafy green salad is probably not the best way to break your fast. You should go slow with just fruit and smoothies and things of that nature.
My tummy was rumbling that night and next morning, but there was no cramping or anything.

Overall, my fast went very well! I'm so glad that I did it. I had a weight loss of 10lbs in the 14-15 days and what's more is I kicked my negative eating habits. Since the end of fast, I've been eating high raw and started back to working out and running. I've dropped an additional 5 lbs and feel great!

More info on why I began my fast and fasting while nursing:
Fasting While Nursing Day 1 and 7

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