Friday, October 31, 2014

The Princess Frog Costumes

charlotte la bouff costume

Happy Halloween!

I've had a few people ask for patterns for our Princess and the Frog Halloween costumes, but I actually don't have any for these. If you have read my other sewing adventures you know that me and patterns don't usually get along. I do a lot better when I use other pieces of clothing as a spring board and then just cut as I see it in my head. Most of the fabric I had or it was given to me, so the colors don't all match, but work fine for costumes.

the princess frog costumes

Charlotte La Bouff or Lotte
For Lotte, I used another dress of K's to cut the top and then measured her and cut for the bottom piece. I added poofy straps using fleece covered in tulle, so that the sleeves would stand up.

charlotte la bouff costume

Dr. Facilier or Shadow Man
Mr. Crafty found a jacket at the Goodwill. I cut off the sides and then sewed them to the back for tails. I also shortened the sleeves to be more like Dr. Faciliers.
The vest is patterned after a vest he already had. I used it to cut 2 back pieces and 2 of each side pieces. The buttons are for looks and it closes via velcro. The pants we're his own, we just hemmed them to be shorter.

shadow man costume

I did kind of use a pattern for Dr. facilier's spats. I didn't print it out, but I cut mine the same way it's pictured here. I cut all one piece on a fold to keep it simple and added a couple snaps and then non functional buttons for looks. I also added elastic to the bottom.


He made the necklace, medallion, hat and cane. The medallion is made out of modelling clay and painted.

dr. facilier costume

Princess Tiana
K wanted me to wear the dress Tiana wore after her and Prince Naveen we're married. I just measured and cut for this one. I wound up adding sleeves afterward. The bottom lily pad and vines tie on and the flowers pin on. The gloves and necklace are my K's.

princess tiana costume

The Frog Prince
S never fully had his costume on, but it was super simple. I bought the footed pj's from here. It was hot that day, so he wore a green onesie earlier and changed to the other later that night. He already had the frog beenie, so he was set. I think it was a gift, because I cannot remember where it came from.

frog prince costume

We wore our costumes to Disneyland for Mickey's Halloween Party.

Click here for my review and a list of their healthier Trick or Treat options.

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