Friday, November 14, 2014

What My Vegan Kids Eat for Breakfast, Day 7

steel cut oats and raspberries

This month I started a series called, What My Vegan Kids Eat for Breakfast. People often ask me what I feed my vegan family, so I hope these daily blogs help anyone starting out or gives you ideas for your own families. Please feel free to share what you feed your vegan family as well!

For more information on our vegan breakfasts, take a look at Day 1

Good Morning!
Raspberries and Steel Cut Oats with strawberries and banana.
S has a runny nose, so the kids each had a small glass of supplements.
Whenever one of us starts to get a bug, we take "shots" of vitamins, herbs and sometimes probiotics throughout the day.
This was echinacea tincture, elderberry tincture, vit c powder and vit d drops in a juice of tumeric and orange

What did your family eat today?

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