Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What my Vegan Kids Eat for Breakfast, Day 2

This month I started a series called, What my Vegan Kids Eat for Breakfast. People often ask me what I feed my vegan family, so I hope these daily blogs help anyone starting out or gives you ideas for your own families. Please feel free to share what you feed your vegan family as well!

For more information on our vegan breakfasts, take a look at Day 1

Good Morning!
They each started with
1 clementine, handful of raspberries, 1/4 apple and 1/2 banana

A little later
Rolled oats with goji berries, almond milk, sea salt, vanilla and maple syrup

Please share what your vegan family ate today!


  1. Is it good practice to eat all those different kinds of fruits at one time, I've heard something about "plant families" and eating of no more than 2 or three families at most, at one meal...?

  2. Black Magik Woman, Food Combining does have it's positives, but for us, we just eat what we want. We've never had any digestive issues or anything, so we go with it. There was a nice chart i came across awhile back that had different fruits/veggies and which go best for digestion and health. I'll have to do a post about it.
    Do you food combine?



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