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Vegan Eats at Disneyland and California Adventure, May 2015

Vegan Eats at Disneyland and California Adventure

Whenever we are visiting somewhere, I always do research on vegan eats available and also try to take note of vegan finds while we're there. On this trip to Disneyland, went to California Adventure one day, stayed overnight at Paradise Pier Hotel and then went to Disneyland the next afternoon.

If your planning on going during Halloween time, check out my post about Disney'sVegan Halloween Treats,  A Vegan Family's review of Mickey's Halloween Party

The items below are vegan, but not necessarily healthy or gmo free. Use your own discretion while visiting.

Paradise Pier Hotel, Surfside Lounge

Breakfast- Fruit bowls and whole fruit, variety of cereals including Kashi. The kids had the Oat Flakes and Blueberry Clusters. They have sweetened soy milk, but no other non dairy milks.

Lunch- The menu is not very extensive. There are no vegan items on it, except for fries, but they will try and acommodate you as best they can. My son and I shared a chopped greens salad with oranges, peppers and cilantro. It's on the menu as seared tuna with soy and ginger and you have to ask for it without the non vegan items. It's not on the menu, but the waitress informed me that they could sub the tuna for veggie burger. I asked if it was vegan and she said it was. Sometimes with burgers, even if they say they're vegan, they are not. they don't realize that egg whites in the mix are not vegan. The only way to really know is if they have the packaging and you can read it for yourself.
Either I was very hungry or the salad was really good!
Paradise Pier Hotel, Surfside Lounge

Dinner- We ordered room service when we returned at about 930pm. It's basically the same menu as Surfside Lounge. Again, we informed them we were vegan and requested 2 veggie burgers from earlier, but on buns this time around. 1 with fries and 1 with fruit. My husband had the penne pasta with tomatoes and spinach minus all the non vegan items. It was decent, the kids really enjoyed it! We were super tired and hungry and just happy to get a meal in us before lights out!
Paradise Pier Hotel room service

California Adventure

Boudin Bakery- The sourdough bread is vegan. You can take a walk through tour and get a sample. We also bought a warm loaf of the large Mickey ones at the end of the tour. It was good and the 4 of us polished off the whole loaf by the end of the day!

This is what we had left when we returned to the room!

Food Carts Popcorn- It's vegan and we ate a lot of it. It's the only way to stand in line with kids :)

Fairfax Market Pickle and Apple crisps (right outside of Schmoozies)- Basic pickle and the apple chips come 3 to a pack. We took them back to the hotel with us. There's several vegan friendly snacks at Fairfax and other similar market stands around the park.

fruit crisps

Schmoozies Smoothies- You have to request no yogurt or dairy, but they have a few different flavors and they are tasty. They also have coffees. My husband got 1 of these with soy milk substitute.
Schmoozies Smoothies

We didn't eat any meals, just snacks at CA, we went back to the hotel for naps and lunch.


Mickey Pretzels- They are vegan and delicious.
disneyland mickey pretzels

Tiki Lounge Dole Whip- Vegan and oh so good! We shared 2 floats while we watched the show. You can find the full ingredients list here

Food Carts Popcorn- Got to have that popcorn for the lines :)

We didn't stay at Disneyland very long. We hung at the hotel pool and then walked over to Disney at about 1130am. We left at about 4pm after a few rides and shows. It was waaaay too crowded for us. We won't go on a Saturday again!

If you have some vegan finds at Disney and Cali Adventure, please post below! I would love to know!

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