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Dr. Tung's Ayurvedic Oral Care, Review and Giveaway!

dr. tung's

Oil pulling and Tongue cleaning have changed my oral care routine forever! I had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely people at Dr. Tung's a few weeks ago and learning all about their Ayurvedic based oral care products.

Dr. Tung's is a cruelty free company that does not participate in animal testing. All products are vegan, except the floss which contains beeswax. Dr. Tung's has always been on the leading edge of oral care, from introducing the first commercially available tongue cleaner in 1997 to today with a full range of oral care products and a sleek new look!
dr. tungs

We have been oil pulling for about the past year. Well I should say, Mr. Crafty has. He's a daily oil puller due to being obsessed with white teeth! I only do it when I think about it and the oil happens to already be in the bathroom. Last December, after a cavity filled dentist visit for K, my 6yr old daughter, we introduced her to it.

Some benefits of oil pulling are:

-Reduces cavities by pulling bacteria from the gums and mouth
-Detoxes the mouth and body
-Clearer Skin
-Whiter teeth
-Fresher breath

oil pulling

We've always used coconut oil, because we use it for cooking and bodycare, so it's always on hand. Now that we've tried Dr. Tung's Oil Pulling Concentrate, it will be a staple in our bathroom. I wasn't sure if K would like the taste, but when mixed with coconut oil she actually likes the taste of it! Their oil pulling concentrate is an Ancient Ayurvedic formula, made with 24 herbs and botanicals in an organic sesame oil base.
You can use the concentrate as is, pre-dilute or dilute it with each use, which is what we do.
oil pulling

Before oil pulling each morning, Mr. Crafty and I have been using Dr. Tung's Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner. It's something he had been looking to add to his morning routine, but tongue scraping always sounded scary to me. I brush my tongue at least daily, but had yet to use a tongue cleaner. If you're like me, no need to worry, it was painless and easy! The first thing I noticed was how much more effective it is than just brushing your tongue. It really gets the bacteria and build up off of your tongue and leaves your mouth feeling so much fresher!

The tongue cleaners each come with a reusable bamboo fiber travel pouch. We store ours on the counter with the toothbrushes, but the pouches are perfect for bringing with you on overnights and trips.
tongue cleaner

Some other great product we've been using from Dr. Tung's are Perio Sticks and Toothbrush Sanitizers.

These Perio Sticks are made of Eco-certified Nordic birch and have helped with keeping both kids teeth free of plaque buildup.

perio sticks

The extra thin ones really get into those tiny spaces where sticky food hide out. What I do is let them floss and then I go in with these afterward before rinsing and brushing.

perio sticks

Why make such and effort with oral care and then brush your teeth with a dirty toothbrush, right?
Dr. Tung's  toothbrush sanitizers keep your toothbrushes hygienic and fresh. They are filled with essential oils and the plastic is made from Eco Pure, which is completely biodegradable!

tooth sanitizer

They come sealed up to keep the essential oils fresh.

toothbrush sanitizer

So easy to use, just pop your toothbrush in and let them do the work!
No battery refills or anything else needed.

tooth sanitizer

 They fit a variety of electric and standard toothbrush heads.

toothbrush sanitizer

Seriously, adding oil pulling, tongue cleaning and perio sticks to our daily routines has made such a huge difference in mouth feel and freshness! We also love having the sanitizers for peace of mind that we are doing everything possible to keep our hygiene tools safe.
I'm curious to see what changes we will notice in our overall health in the upcoming months!

Please visit Dr. Tung's to learn more about these and other product.

Enter to Win your own Oil Pulling Concentrate and Tongue Cleaner from Dr. Tung's!
This Giveaway is Closed. Winners are @ashleyjane429 and Jacinda O!

2 Winners each will receive 1 bottle of Oil Pulling Concentrate and 1 Tongue Cleaner.

To Enter:
-Comment Below and let me know if you're a Dr. Tung's newbie or which Dr. Tung's products you love!
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  1. Yes, I am a newbie to Dr.Tungs. This would really be awesome to try! I honestly need this.I haven't seen a dentist on a couple years and I'm 24 years old. I would be grateful to win this.

    1. You'll love Dr T's! Thank you for your entry and Good luck!

    2. You've won! Please email address to

  2. I used to have a tongue cleaner and lost it while traveling 15 years ago. I'd love another! Been wanting to try oil pulling. Where do you spit the oil out? If it's the drain, does it clog it? That's why I hesitate. The oil pulling formula would make me less nervous about clogging my old plumbing.

    1. Hi Mama! You spit it in the toilet or the trash, but we use the toilet and have never had drain issues :)

  3. I have been using the tongue cleaner for almost two years but didn't even know about the other products! I'm excited to try.

    1. Yes, Dr. T's has so many fab products! I think you'll love the oil pulling concentrate :)

  4. I love tongue cleaners. I'm obsessed with oral care in general. Peace 😃

    1. Oral care is a great thing to be obsessed with and you'll love Dr. T's!



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