Monday, May 9, 2016

Vegan Rainbow Cake Idea, Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Usually K tells me what flavors she wants for her birthday cake. This year, she didn't have a flavor request, so I just went with a couple of her favorites. For decor, I incorporated a couple of her current favorite characters from My Little Pony.

For the cake portion, I used this coconut cupcake recipe with whole wheat flour and minus the nutmeg. I used a sheet cake pan and cut into rectangular layers.

 The Happy Birthday topper and figurines are from Target. The sprinkles are from Let's Do Organic. Hopefully your decorating skills are better than mine! I put the fudge on the sides and the green tea whipped cream on the top.

vegan rainbow cake

The frostings I winged, but hopefully the following gives you a good idea, if you want to try something like it.

Strawberry Buttercream:
vegan margarine, cornstarch, powdered freeze dried strawberries, powdered coconut palm sugar. I grind the fruit in a coffee grinder until powdery.

vegan rainbow cake

add into your buttercream for flavor and color!

vegan rainbow cake

Blueberry Buttercream:
vegan margarine, cornstarch, powdered freeze dried blueberries, powdered coconut palm sugar
Chocolate Fudge:
semi sweet chocolate chips melted with coconut milk

Green Tea Whipped Cream:
whipped coconut cream, matcha tea powder, powdered coconut palm sugar, vanilla

vegan rainbow cake

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Vegan Rainbow Cake

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