Thursday, August 29, 2019

Refreshing Hibiscus Tea / Jamaica

hibiscus tea recipe

Hibiscus Tea, also known as Jamaica is not just refreshing, but also full of antioxidants and vitamin c! You can enjoy hot or cold and use the sweetener of your choice. I prefer agave syrup, but have also used pineapple juice and cane sugar as sweeteners. I don't recommend using maple syrup or coconut sugar, because the flavor of those may compete with the taste of the hibiscus.

To change it up a bit, you can add ginger cinnamon, star anise or orange peel to your brew. A little fresh lemon or lime after brewing adds a nice touch as well.

Ingredients below and preparation on the video.

4 Liters of water
1 cup cane sugar or sweetener of choice
2 cups of hibiscus flowers


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