Wednesday, November 20, 2019

6 Tips To Increase Your Water Intake, I Started Drinking 1 Gallon a Day!


This past year has been jam packed and as it goes when I get busy and preoccupied, my self care and health care takes a back seat to all else.

That is not okay and I am now changing that. One of the things I started slacking on was my water intake and physical activity. It seemed to go hand in hand and I could really tell I was dehydrated on a daily basis.

Challenges always help me to get back on track. It's something about accomplishing a short term goal that really drives me to stay the coarse long term.


So, I decided to challenge myself to drink 1 gallon of water per day for 3 days. Well, 3 days turned into 1 week, turned into my daily routine now. Some days I still hit the full gallon, some I don't, but keeping myself hydrated is a priority again and I'm feeling great!

A few things that have happened since starting the water challenge is:

Increased Mood

Better Sleep/Waking Earlier

Decreased Appetite

Weight Loss

Increased Moisture

Eliminated Bloating

Along the way, I discovered some things that helped me increase my water intake and stay consistent each day. One of the things that really made a difference was drinking good tasting and good for you water. Our fridge water filter has needed a change for quite some time and has been horrible tasting as of late. I never realized how much that contributed to me not drinking enough water daily.


Zero Water sent me a water pitcher with filter and what a difference just having that made for increasing my water intake! The water is so crisp and clean. Plus it comes with a water tester, so you know how many contaminants it is filtering out and if you need a new filter. I tested my fridge water, tap water and the Zero Water. The fridge was at 267, the tap 244 and Zero Water at 0 with no contaminants!

zero water tester

Here are 6 tips that I hope help you stay hydrated as well!

#1 Drink Water 1st Thing in the Morning.

#2 Drink Room Temperature Water.

#3 Be Active.

#4 Drink Good Tasting Water.

#5 Try Flavored and Sparkling Waters

#6 Have Water With You Every Where You Go

For more on how my water challenge went and results, check out the video below!

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