Wednesday, November 6, 2019

A Quick Remedy for Itchy Dry Scalp and Itchy Bug Bites

itchy scalp remedy

A hesitate to call what we are experiencing in Southern California Winter, but this dry Winter air has us hydrating and moisturizing so much more!

My hair and scalp rarely needs extra moisture outside of conditioner, but lately I have had a bit of an itchy dryness on my scalp. To quickly combat it, I use basically the same thing I use for bug bites, a mix of essential oils and either carrier oil or water.

I usually mix it up in my hand and rub it right on, but you can pre mix a batch in a small container or spray bottle for easy use.

The ingredients are:

1tbs coconut oil or water plus 2 large drops of tea tree or 4 small drops.

This on it's own works great, but sometimes I also add 2 small drops of lavender for extra itch relief and aromatherapy.

It truly stops the itch as soon as it's applied!

To see how it works in action, check out the video below.

I made a batch to oil my scalp before counting my locs.

For 12 Other Ways I Use Essential Oils, Including Combating Illness and Cleaning, Check Out THIS LINK

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