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kawani brown

"Kawani A.J Brown is a vegan mother, author and co-founder of the Long Beach Vegan Festival, Inland Empire Vegan Festival, Healthy Halloween Festival and Vegan Sweets Con. She lives in California with her two children, who have been vegan since birth.

Kawani is committed to raising awareness about natural living and veganism through her writing and holding community events. Her recently published children's book, "Where Does Dinner Come From?" is the first in a series of books that highlight living a plant based lifestyle and encourages vegan and non-vegan families alike. The second title, “My Mama’s Milk”, explores how each mammal makes milk specifically for their babies."

Speaking Topics and Workshops:

-Book Reading and Signing.

-Vegan Family Living. How to get started, Meal Planning, Daily Living.

-Natural Baby Care. Cloth Diapering, Babywearing, What toxins to avoid and How to Make Your Own Baby Bath and Body Products.

-Cloth Diapering 101. What You need and How to Get Started.

-Detoxifying Your Home. How to Get Started Making Your Own Cleaning Products.

-Non-Toxic Bath and Body Products Overhaul. Learn to Make Your Own Bath and Body Products, including soap making.
To Book a speaking engagement or reading/signing, please e-mail craftyearthmama@gmail.com with Topic, Date and Time.

Upcoming Events:
Raising a Vegan Child: Oct 21st 2017 
POC Animal Rights, Advocacy and Food Justice Conference

Vegan Family Living with Kid Friendly Cooking: Sep 16th 2017 
California Veg Fest, Ca
Mac n Cheese Cooking Competition: June 25th 2017
Mac Down LA, Los Angeles

Vegan Family Living: March 18th 2017 
Meat Out, TX

Monetize your blog with Offline Workshops and Events: Dec 3rd 2016  

Raising a Vegan Family. Daily Life, Meal Planning, Why Vegan: Oct 2nd 2016  
Herbivore Festival

"Where Does Dinner Come From?" Reading and Signing: Aug 20th 2016  
Sonoma County VegFest 
"Where Does Dinner Come From?" Reading and Signing: Aug 6th 2016
Healthy Babies and Kids Expo

 "Where Does Dinner Come From?" Reading and Signing: July 31st 2016
Mama Makers Summer Bazaar

"Where Does Dinner Come From?" Reading and Signing: June 4th 2016
LB Vegan Food and Music Festival

"Where Does Dinner Come From?" Reading and Signing: May 26th 2016
Tiny EcoUrbanite

"Where Does Dinner Come From?" Reading and Signing: May 1st 2016 
LA VegFest Kid's Kingdom

Natural Baby Care: April 25th 2015
Green Prize Festival

Cloth Diapering: April 18th 2015
The Great Cloth Diaper Change 

where does dinner come from?
Where Does Dinner Come From?
My Mama's Milk


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